My Process – Traditional Medium


I thought it would be a nice idea to just blog post the way that I illustrate in traditional medium. There are loads of ways to watercolour and lots of different other illustration mediums you can choose from to create the same effect. This is just one of those ways.

First Layer

The first thing I do is sketch out my drawing in pencil. I try to do this as lightly as possible, so that there is less to erase later. Once the intial sketch is on my paper, I then do a layer of water-colour. At this point, I’m just trying to get to colours right. I’m not worried about shadows, highlights, or gradients. I am also not to worried about ‘mixing’ paints. I might just use the colour that comes in the tube! It is just about putting down ‘block’ colours. Everything is pretty light as this point (I had to saturate the photo for you to see).

first layer illustration
first layer in the illustration

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Deckle Edge Premier Art Box

Deckle Edge

As a birthday present, my brother has bought me a subscription to Deckle Edge’s monthly Art box. As we only ordered early in Feb, I assumed I would have to wait and get my first box for March. I was pleasantly (actually that word is too mild, I was over-excited) surprised when the Feb box arrived. I ripped it open, tore the pretty blue tissue paper, with the ‘creative’ sticker and flung the quality parcel straw all over the room.

There was a useful explanation for all the items, stuck on the inside of the lid, which was good, as I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at. All I did know was the brush was pretty. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s go through the items:

Deckle Edge Box
Deckle Edge Box

Schmincke Aero Color Finest Acrylic Ink

I was treated to the Cyan colour for this play-time. According to my helpful paper from Deckle Edge, I was informed that the Aero Color Professional Acrylic Ink was initially developed for airbrushing, but also works for dip pens, technical pens and a brush. I was to discover all these things. The actually eyedropper and product packaging for this ink was really high quality and I couldn’t help but feeling a little scientific as I used the eyedropper to place ink into the next item. I mean, sure, I wasn’t wearing a white lab coat, but a stained, paint-fill, clay streaked, garden dusted apron that I have discovered ever since working from home, that I can’t go without.
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