Frankenstein Clay Bust

Last year I played around with clay a little. I used Polymer clay to create character’s on pots for plants, which I sold at a local nursery. But I ran into some issues. The Nursery kept my pots on a little porch, directly in the sun. There wasn’t room for a drop of wind and after a few weeks, I discovered that polymer clay has some issues with sticking to already fired clay (I bought pre-made plant pots). The ears generally were the first to fall off.

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Alfred Beastie

Alfred BeastiePolymer Clay on Ceramic Pot – painted (acrylic) and glazed.

Where: Kalk Bay Garden Shop‘ in Cape Town.

Size: 10cm in height

Plants: Aptenia Aura Yellow & Crassula Pellucida

Price: R150

Please contact if interested.


When Alfred’s mom told him to be watchful and keep his ears to the ground, legend has it Alfred’s ears dropped a few notches. He says that he could fix them if he wanted to, as his teeth are all made of gold. But if he sold his teeth to fix his ears, he wouldn’t have any teeth.