Post Reading – The Deer Little Market

Reading of Katya

Author, Julia Richman, and I did a reading last weekend at The Deer Little Market, for Katya Cat: The Bacon Chase

Julia and Celeste
Julia and Celeste

There was a certain familiarity when I walked into Deer Park, with a board under my arm, an envelope with colouring-in characters, a sharpie pen, some pastels and what I call my ‘cheat note’ illustrations. After we had located a take-away coffee stall, we started wandering down, following signs saying ‘reading for kids here.’ Under a large pine-tree, we found some blankets that had been rolled out in anticipation of our arrival. I whats-app’d Julia Richman, the author of Katya Cat – The Bacon Chase, to find out where she was. Continue Reading

Unlocking Your Creativity Workshop by SCBWI (SA)

SCBWIAfter a week of storms and howling wind, I was happy the weekend had started. What was even grander about this particular weekend was that I was about embark on an adventure to a creative workshop out in Stellenbosch (Cape Town, South Africa). It would be just under an hours drive to that side of the world, but with the sun shining brightly the time flew quickly.

The venue was a farm that I was soon to discover, was filled with treasures. There were beads and glass hanging from strings, rusty beds in the garden (in case you needed a nap) and arts, crafts and projects all over the place. An old crochet blanket, obviously homemade with love, rested on just one of the mix-matched chairs in the sitting room. Soon there was a bubble of women, chatting away, drinking tea and introducing each other. The atmosphere was filled with excitement about what we were about to get up to.

The workshop was run by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), here in South Africa. The presenter was Yvette de Beer, who had come from Johannesburg (Witbank). From her introduction it seemed that Yvette had a lot of thumbs in a lot of pies. She does amazing mosaic work as well as just started a business selling these beautiful leather and canvas bags for artists, called Exentric Bags. Continue Reading