Herschel Girls Readathon with Katya Cat

Hershel Girls Katya Cat

We had mermaids and, of course, mermaid Princesses. We also had pirates and one pirate Princess. Then there were a group dressed up with whiskers and tails. I guess they were ‘Cat Fish’ (well done parents – I see what you did there).

Libary Shark HeadIt was just last week that the sun was shining (you wouldn’t think with the rain at the moment!) and I was off to Hershel School for their Readathon event. Like all Capetonians, I knew only good thing about Hershel School and I wasn’t disappointed. As I entered the reception I was greeted with a great big shark head decorating the door to the library. Apparently they were doing a underwater theme week and the whole library was decked out. Continue Reading

Kirstenbosch Winter Wonderland – An awesome day!

Kirstenbosch Winter Wonderland

Birds can’t fly in Winter. I have never seen one fly.

I arrived at Kirstenbosch at about 9:30 in the morning. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I arrived at about 8:30 and drank a hot chocolate in the car, while writing for an hour before grabbing my kit and heading inside the bookshop at 9:30. I was greet by the Kirstenbosch Bookstore team – Mark and Greg. They offered me a coffee while I wait and I headed into the kiddies area.

I was so impressed with Kirstenbosch. There were mini chairs and a lovely table display of Katya Cat books, along with the Kirstenbosch trade mark – a gorgeous vase with proteas. Julia Richman, the author, arrived with her book as well as Belinda, from Penguin Random House. Belinda was carrying under her arm a flip-chart for me to use while I illustrate. With a wink, she informed me she ‘borrowed’ it from the CEO’s office. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I was going to use the CEO of one of the best publishing companies in South Africa (and the world!) to illustrate Katya’s characters. What a treat! Continue Reading