Children Proportions for Illustrations & Drawings

Rough Sketch of Toddler
Rough Sketch of Toddler

Recently I went to a workshop around critiquing, which if you are an illustrator you would know is a fairly brave thing to do. Basically you take your portfolio, which consists of probably 10 to 15 illustrations. Well that’s not entirely true, 10 to 15 of your best illustrations. Then you sit by, smiling and nodding while someone goes through your hard work, your sweat and tears, your time and freedom and basically tells you what’s wrong with them.

This is somehow distressing. Its one thing if a client asks for changes or tweaks – that is easy and you can just say ‘yeah, sure.’ But a critique is a different story. It’s something personal, but you’re not allowed to take it personally, which takes a lot of practice. I am a little out of practice. When I was a student, critiques happened every other week, but now? Phew. It was a good thing to experience and I think it is something we should go through every now and then.

One thing that did come up during the day’s discussion was children anatomy. The lecturer then showed us all the difference between adults and children and I thought it would be a good idea for a blog post. For those of you who aspire to be illustrators, it is always good to have a few children drawings in your portfolio. For those of you who draw children all the time, it’s also a good refresher of the basics.
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