Herschel Girls Readathon with Katya Cat

Hershel Girls Katya Cat

We had mermaids and, of course, mermaid Princesses. We also had pirates and one pirate Princess. Then there were a group dressed up with whiskers and tails. I guess they were ‘Cat Fish’ (well done parents – I see what you did there).

Libary Shark HeadIt was just last week that the sun was shining (you wouldn’t think with the rain at the moment!) and I was off to Hershel School for their Readathon event. Like all Capetonians, I knew only good thing about Hershel School and I wasn’t disappointed. As I entered the reception I was greeted with a great big shark head decorating the door to the library. Apparently they were doing a underwater theme week and the whole library was decked out. Continue Reading

Kirstenbosch Winter Wonderland – An awesome day!

Kirstenbosch Winter Wonderland

Birds can’t fly in Winter. I have never seen one fly.

I arrived at Kirstenbosch at about 9:30 in the morning. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I arrived at about 8:30 and drank a hot chocolate in the car, while writing for an hour before grabbing my kit and heading inside the bookshop at 9:30. I was greet by the Kirstenbosch Bookstore team – Mark and Greg. They offered me a coffee while I wait and I headed into the kiddies area.

I was so impressed with Kirstenbosch. There were mini chairs and a lovely table display of Katya Cat books, along with the Kirstenbosch trade mark – a gorgeous vase with proteas. Julia Richman, the author, arrived with her book as well as Belinda, from Penguin Random House. Belinda was carrying under her arm a flip-chart for me to use while I illustrate. With a wink, she informed me she ‘borrowed’ it from the CEO’s office. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I was going to use the CEO of one of the best publishing companies in South Africa (and the world!) to illustrate Katya’s characters. What a treat! Continue Reading

Katya Cat Events

Reading of KatyaJulia and I have been asked to do a reading at Kirstenbosch Gardens for the Kirstenbosch Winter Wonderland on the 7th of July, 2016.

Authors are given the opportunity to talk about their book or read their books and it is sometimes followed by a related activity.  It’s a free programme for young kids (and sometimes their older siblings) who are accompanied by their parents.

As we have an hour slot, Julia and I will be doing a few things extra, outside our usual ‘read and illustrate’ routine. We will have colouring in pages of the characters for th kids, and I will also be showing the audience how to do a drawing of Katya.

The venue is at Kirstenbosch’s book shop (located in the Visitors’ Centre – Gate 1) and we have been booked for 10am to 11am.

You can find out more about all the activities that will be happening at the Winter Wonderland on their programme (PDF)

We are also going to be involved with Readathon at Hershel School on the 21st of July for three sessions. If your child goes to Hershel, make sure you give her cash to purchase a book.

I look forward to seeing you all there! Continue Reading

Post Reading – The Deer Little Market

Reading of Katya

Author, Julia Richman, and I did a reading last weekend at The Deer Little Market, for Katya Cat: The Bacon Chase

Julia and Celeste
Julia and Celeste

There was a certain familiarity when I walked into Deer Park, with a board under my arm, an envelope with colouring-in characters, a sharpie pen, some pastels and what I call my ‘cheat note’ illustrations. After we had located a take-away coffee stall, we started wandering down, following signs saying ‘reading for kids here.’ Under a large pine-tree, we found some blankets that had been rolled out in anticipation of our arrival. I whats-app’d Julia Richman, the author of Katya Cat – The Bacon Chase, to find out where she was. Continue Reading

Post Book Launch: Katya Cat – The Bacon Chase

Katya Cat: The Bacon ChaseAs I walked down the stairs at The Book Lounge, in the heart of Cape Town, it all of a sudden hit me. I could hear the children playing and laughing from below, general chit-chat and social noises of their parents and the sound of tea and coffee mugs clinking with their fellow saucers. In a few minutes I was going to illustrate the three main characters that I created from the imagination of Julia Richman’s book, Katya Cat.

Julia was calm as ever. In fact, it was all a little reversed as just the week before when we had our meeting to determine our ‘game plan,’ she was incredible nervous and I was calm. Now we were here with swapped emotions, in this gorgeous environment, with (another) Julia Anastasopoulos illustrations on the wall with buildings and stick characters holding balloon. Although for those of you in South Africa, you know Miss Anastasopoulos by her alter-ego name – Suzelle DIY.

Continue Reading