We offer three main packages for authors interested in self-publishing, which can be seen below. However, if you would like to tailor a package, or create a completely new one from the options below, you are more than welcome to.

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Overview Table




Children’s Book

Type of Book Fiction Fiction Fiction Children’s Book Package
Book Size Paperback Paperback Paperback Check with printer what size
Pages 200 200 200 32
Colour Black and White Black and White Black and White Full colour
ISBN and Barcode Y Y Y Y
Production Services:
Editing 2 Rounds 3 Rounds 3 Rounds, plus suggestions & fact checking 2 Rounds
Cover Design, with 2 rounds of changes Y Y Y Y
Interior Layout Y Y Y Y
EBook Conversion N Y Y N
Illustrations N N N Y
Marketing Mailer N Y Y Y
Advert for Social Media N Y Y Y
Press Release to Key Media N N Y N
Author Website (WordPress) N N Y N
Amazon N Y Y Y
Barnes & Nobel N Y Y Y
Ingram N Y Y Y
South African Stores (Exclusive Books, Readers Warehouse, Bargain Books, CNA) N N Y
Printed Copies of Book 1 10 15 15
Price: R8,600.00* R12,500.00* R17,900.00* R14,000.00*

*Most books generally take about three months for editing, typesetting and production. Therefore, we offer a payment option, whereby you can pay off the price over the three months of production, making it a little easier on your wallet. Let us know if this would suit you better than a lump sum.

Package Description

Don’t feel like the above package options are your only option. If you would like to slice and dice, mix and match, or pick and choose the various services on offer, we are more than happy to create a tailored package and give a quote specifically for your needs and book.

ISBN and Barcode

Unlike so many self-publishing packages out there, we offer this service for free, for all our self-publishing options.

Production Services:


Typo’s and spell-check muddles happen to the best of us.  You need a professional eye to carefully go through your manuscript – up to three times before printing just to be totally sure it’s perfect!  We check for the obvious spelling typo’s, and then go deeper into grammar, plot holes, tenses, flow and general readability.

Michelle has been in the publishing industry for over 15 years and is an editor by profession.  Your words are in the best hands.

Cover Design, with 2 rounds of changes

We will create the perfect cover for you. All you need to do is fill in a brief of what you had in mind and we’ll create it! This also includes two rounds of changes, if needed. If further changes are required, then a standard rate per hour will apply.

Interior Layout

We will lay out your entire book for you in an easy to read format for print.

EBook Conversion

Some people like to read on paper, others like to read on a tablet/kindle. Why make your readers choose? For ‘Advanced’ and ‘Expert’ packages, you can get your book converting into an easy to read eBook that will be easily distributed and downloadable.


If you have written a book for the ages 0 to 13, you are going to need illustrations. Celeste is a published children’s illustrator, who has illustrated for a number of self-publishers and publishing houses such as Burnet Media and Penguin Random House. She has also illustrated for a wide range of ages and is able to illustrate in traditional mediums, such as watercolour and pencil, through to digital art. She will work with you to create the look and feel that you dreamed for your book and assist you through the process of what works best for your story.


Marketing Mailer

We will provide you with html coding that can be inserted in most email marketing services such as ‘mailchimp’ and ‘graphicmail’ to be used instantly. Each marketing mailer has been specifically created for your book and brand. You can use this mailer to send out an email to get the word out about your book.

Advert for Social Media

Once your book is published you will need to get the word out. We will provide you with an advert to help you start your process. The Social Media Advert is in a .JPEG format and will be the ideal size to use on most social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and GooglePlus. All adverts are tailored to the specific look of your book and story.

Press Release to Key Media

We have over 100 personal contacts in the media industry.  This includes all magazines, newspapers, radio and TV – nationwide.  We will send press releases for your book to all of these influential brands and make sure the word gets out.

Author Website (WordPress)

If you are going to be the next big international author (and I think you are!) you are going to have to carve out a space on the internet with your name. We will assist you in creating a WordPress website, with an ‘about the author’ page, contact form, ‘about the book’ page and even give you a blog so that you can write and market your book on a versatile platform.



Amazon is the largest online retail distributor and opens up doors to an international market. We will assist you in accessing and tapping into this potential audience, both with your print book, as well as your ebook.

Barnes & Nobel

While not in South Africa, Barnes & Noble, Inc., is a Fortune 500 company, the largest retail bookseller in the United States, and a leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products in the country. We can assist you in distributing to this large retail company, both with your ebook and printed version.


Ingram is a one stop solution and platform for publishers, retailers and, of course, self-publishers. We will be able to assist you in distributing your writing to this international corporation.

South African Stores (Exclusive Books, Readers Warehouse, Bargain Books,  CNA)

As we are sure you already know, you can’t just walk into Exclusive Books as a self-published author and ask them to stock your book.  You need to go through a registered distribution channel and work closely with the managers.  Michelle has close contacts with a leading publishing agent and distributor, as well as connections in the book world.  She will personally pitch your book and increase your chances of seeing your name on the shelves in all leading outlets.  There are no guarantees, as in the end the managers make their decision based on their market, but your chances are certainly a whole lot better.


After months of writing, editing and researching, we finally come to the moment where you can see your book in print. We will take care of the ordering, printing and shipping to ensure that you get your copy and see your name in print.

About the Team

Celeste Beckerling

After working in the publishing and media industry for ten years, Celeste left her cubicle to illustrate children’s books. She has illustrated a number of books for self-publishers and publishing houses such as Burnet Media, Book Dash and Penguin Random House.

She soon discovered that there was a sea of authors out there who needed assistance with getting their dream book alive. Being a self-published author herself, she knew the amount of work, effort and frustration that went into trying to navigate the web for self-publishing resources, without being ripped off left right and centre, and getting charged for services that should be free.With the assistance of her editing/writing guru friend, she decided to create some self-publishing packages herself, to allow authors see their name in print without having to get a second mortgage on their house.

Michelle Ainslie

As a writer and editor, Michelle knows and feels your pain! She has been in the publishing world for 15 years. This has included all sides of this industry, ranging from features writing, magazine editing, bookselling, publishing, and marketing to book editing.

She has worked with a number of publishers, including Penguin Random House, Fire Quill Publishers, and Jonathan Ball.  Her own book is scheduled for publication at the end of 2017.
Michelle has won awards for her poetry, short stories and creative writing.  She quickly learned that writing doesn’t bring in millions, and that we all still need to keep our day jobs! She knows that when you go through the difficult work of actually finishing a manuscript, only to have your hopes dashed by rejections from publishers (or a ridiculous printing bill if you choose to go Indie), can really make you lose motivation.  So joining up with the illustrating-tech-genius Celeste to help you get your book into the world just made logical sense.

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