A Huddle of Hippos by Julia Richman

Collective Nouns

Publisher: Burnet Media
Author: Julia Richman
Year: 2016

A delightful collection of African animal collective nouns, including a hug of hippo’s and a knot of frogs!

Website: Burnet Media

Migael Gaan Maan ToeMigael Gaan Maan Toe

Publisher: Self-published
Author: Rene Kruger
Year: 2016

All that Migael wants to do is go to the moon, but instead he has to go to first day of school. This beautifully written book, by Rene Kruger, is in Afrikaans prose and would be a delight for any boy aged 4-6 for Christmas.

Contact: reneandjaco@gmail.com

ChildrenChoo Choo Park

Publisher: Self-published
Author: Heather Davidson
Year: 2016

James loves going to the Choo Choo park with his mom. He loves to use the slide, swing and round-about, but his favorite is driving the train where he takes his mom on adventures. They go to the safari, see sharks and visit crocodiles!

Website: Heather’s Stories

Illustration coverPenguin’s Palace

Publisher: Book Dash
Author: Helen Brain
Year: 2016

The Penguin family lives on the beach, surrounded by rubbish. Until one day, Mrs Penguin says: we need a house! But how will they build one?

Website: Book Dash

Drie BaasspeurdersDrie Baasspeurder/Three Detectives

Publisher: Penguin Random House, South Africa
Author: Vi Le Roux
Year: 2015

Markus is tien jaar oud en is baie lief vir sy twee honde. Daar is ’n swaksiende Malteser, Basjan (hy dink hy is groter en sterker as al die ander honde), en ’n Labrador, Jonathan (baie vriendelik en lojaal). In Drie Baasspeurders ontdek Markus per toeval dat hy ‘hondetaal’ kan verstaan. Hy sukkel om aan sy superkrag gewoond te word, maar besef later dat dit ook pret kan verskaf. Hy beleef spanningsvolle oomblikke saam met Jonathan en Basjan terwyl die drie ‘baasspeurders’ die hondestelers probeer vastrek. Basjan byt ’n rooi onderbaadjieknoop by die hondesalon af wat as die verdoemende bewysstuk dien.

ISBN: 9781432305550

StarsStar, the Shelter Cat

Publisher: Self-published
Author: Holly Magnani
Year: 2016

Stars is a shelter cat, that gets adopted by a loving family. Her favorite snack is a nice bowl of milk, but as time goes on, she discovers she is lactose intolerant.

Published in 2016

The Bacon ChaseKatya Cat, The Bacon Chase

Publisher: Penguin Random House, South Africa
Author: Julia Richman
Year: 2015

The Bacon Chase is the story about a lovable cat with an amazing, magical tail. Katya or Kit-Kat, as her owners affectionately call her, simply loves bacon and will do almost anything to get her beautiful paws on some.
During a summer holiday at the seaside, she befriends a nervous seagull with one leg, Frederick Twiddle. While attempting to help Frederick to take revenge on the greedy hotel cat, Chubs, who bit off his leg, Katya lands herself in the middle of a CATastrophe with fluffy winter slippers and some really strange and scary humans. After a daring rescue effort, she receives a tasty reward!

ISBN: 9781432304881

Juta & companyC-Monster

Publishers: Juta & Company
Publisher: Corina Pelser
Year: 2014

C-Monster is a resource for students to practice and learn from, through gamification and test banks. The resource follows C-Monster, and his friend, through his dream of becoming a reporter. The student has to help C-Monster pass to reach his dream.

Website: http://jutaacademic.co.za/