Illustrating Unique Monsters

I used to love drawing fun monsters, until Monster’s Inc came out. My favourite monster I used to draw, looks pretty much like the main character, with blue fur, warthog tusks and top heavy. I might almost feel obliged to sue, but if you think about it, what I have described – other than the blue colour – could pretty much describe most of the monsters in ‘The Wild Things.’

Which brings back the concept that there is no such thing as unique, really.

Monster Illustration

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Refurnishing Monsters

Monster IllustrationOccasionally it happens. You explore, research and design a character with life, character and style and the client rather wants their daughter’s stick characters she made on her tablet. So your drawer is full of fluffy, scaly, feathery creatures from your imagination that are never used. Well not today.

I have been absent as I have been working on a very exciting book where I have had to explore my black and white illustration style. It has been a good challenge, especially since the main characters (and most of his friends) are a type of animal that I usually try to avoid. Have you ever tried to draw a loved one? Like a family member, or a friend? Then discovered it came out horrible because you know their face too well? Well it is the same for me with this particular animal/pet. I’m sure you can work out which type of pet I am talking about… Continue Reading