Cyclops Bust

Sometimes you have an idea in your head that might seem a bit (as Shirley Valentines said) “Loop de F**king Loop.”

I felt a bit like this when I had an idea to create a Cyclops bust, eating some type of lollipop. I wanted to explore what that did to your mouth and how it warped your cheek muscles. I also wanted to play around with the idea of something with only one eye – how does this change his nasal cavity as the whole bridge would fall away. Then there was the thought of what would happen if your sight was limited? Would your species evolve to enlarge the eye to being an all powerful eye so that the rest of your senses would be smaller – or would your eye be small and the rest of your senses enlarge?

I decided that the rest of your senses would compensate for your vision being limited. I created him with large nostrils to heighten his smell. His ears were also expanded for his hearing to be improved. Then there was the whole ‘must I make him traditional with a bald head, or can I make him grizzly?’

I decided to make him grizzle, with a good old-fashioned ginger side burns and slight Mohawk. To add just a touch of detail and to create the illustration of size, I also make a shield as a button and a spear for ear decoration.