Frankenstein Clay Bust

Last year I played around with clay a little. I used Polymer clay to create character’s on pots for plants, which I sold at a local nursery. But I ran into some issues. The Nursery kept my pots on a little porch, directly in the sun. There wasn’t room for a drop of wind and after a few weeks, I discovered that polymer clay has some issues with sticking to already fired clay (I bought pre-made plant pots). The ears generally were the first to fall off.

The other issue was that I sealed them in a podge varnish which easily came off with a bit of scrubbing – along with the paint. It just peeled off. Of course, these were all things that I hadn’t really tried prior to selling the pots – I just put plants in them and tested them outside, where they were fine. So you learn.

I really wanted to create sculptures, but I found the local polymer clay incredible hard to work with as well as incredible expensive if you wanted to make anything of a decent size. I then turned to a lovely, soft, natural air-dry clay that reminded me of the type of clay I used to play with as a child. But the problem here is that it was a bit too soft and I could press really onto it to create details. I also got frustrated as I could make the eyes as I wanted and was unable to find any reasonable fake eyes to use.

I left it for a year.

At the beginning of this year I started a part time job as I found that being creative and having to pay rent was soul-sucking. You could never just explore, or tinker without being concerned about wasting time on items that won’t produce anything of financial means. Shortly after starting my job I fell pregnant. I also got the flue. Which meant that I had no energy. Balls that I was used to juggling fell around me as I had to lie in bed for weeks, the little energy I had I used for work and the rest of the time you could find my under my duvets watching movies. I stopped writing on my blog, I started using social media and I generally disappeared from the bustling scene.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it made me rethink everything – it made me ask the hard questions of what is it that I actually like doing and what was I doing to potentially create revenue. With my new part-time job, revenue wasn’t a ‘need’ as much as before.  Did I actually want to do all this ‘stuff’ all the time, or did I want to go back and just play?

I decided that I wanted to go back and play.

By chance I found a YouTube channel that showed how to get the around the cracking issue of air-dry clay. The next day I found a place to get eyes. I started playing again.