Tips on Blogging for Illustrators

So many illustrators often fill their blog with waffles about what they did during the day (went down to the post office, had a coffee) as well as starting off their post with “Sorry it’s been so long, but I’ve been busy”

Toss all of that out your window and think, what is it you would want to read about.

As a creative, as an illustrator, what are things that draw you? Do you want other illustrators to read your work? What audience are you attracting?

The following are some ideas of what to write about for 2017:

  1. Interviews with other illustrators who are different/have experience. People are usually keen to answer questions and you can just email them to ask. Worst case they say no.
  2. Reading about books that might be useful to other illustrators/creatives
  3. You can write about a new style or break down the process of an illustration or piece of art you are working on.
  4. News about any upcoming events you might be involved in and would like to spread the word about.
  5. Give a review on any new technology or art supplies that have come out and tell people what you think about them.
  6. If you panic, come up with a list. People love them and they are fairly easy to create. “Top ten artists I love,” or “5 brushes you can’t do without”
  7. Write about your art – how did you make it, what concepts did you try first, what medium is it? Go through it step by step.

Remember – be realistic about how much time you have to spent on your blog.

Try and commit to something that is viable – like once a month, or once a week. If you are having a particularly inspiring week of writing then that’s great! Don’t post all the blog posts at once though! Rather schedule them out. That way, if you are feeling inspired the following week, you’ll have saved blog posts ready to use.

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