Marketing Book for Illustrators

You might have remembered that last year I was planning on launching a course around using social media for illustrators and creatives. I created notes, worksheets and even a few hours worth of video. But then I discovered that while online courses try have the best interests for everyone, the people using them are incredible sly. They purposely give bad reviews to courses and then good reviews to their own, in a bid for the top slots. They employ others to spend their days creating accounts and just ruining it for everyone. So I decided against it. I deleted my videos and worksheets and moved on.

For months I sat, doing other projects, working on other things, when I came across my notes. I looked at them. Over 40 pages of information, already typed up and ready to go.

That’s when I thought – why don’t I just convert this into an eBook?

It took me a few weeks to go through it all and insert all the examples, but I am happy to announce that it is all complete, packaged and ready to download. I also decided it would be easier to download as just a regular PDF (something unheard of in today’s digital publishing of rules and regulations). I just ask that you please don’t forward the PDF to others. You can inform others by all means and I have made the book really affordable at only R50.

You can read it on any device and even printing if you like.

The book covers topics such as: Branding, content, blogging, newsletters, photos and images, campaigns, business cards and other information. Most importable is also about taking an idea and using it in a social space. It includes examples (good and bad!) as well as little tasks so that you can work towards having a calendar and to-do list for your social media marketing plan 2017.

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