Sketch Prompts – Autumn

A friend of mine is a writer and every Thursday we get together with another writer, to basically, well, write. This was how my first book Pink Camels and Floating Grannies came about. This interaction also exposed a little something called ‘Prompts’ to me. I knew about prompts already, as I follow the #DailySketch and #FridayIllustration on Twitter.  There was something a little more special, however, when someone pulls out a container and slips a little piece of paper that has a word, a sentence, a phrase written on. That little piece of paper was something you pulled out, just for you. It was what your body had chosen, your fingers had sussed out from the container.

I experienced this again, a few weeks ago at the Bodhi Khaya Retreat, where Michelle did a writing workshop. She brought her prompt jar for writing along and it was passed around the table, like sweets or treasures. I realised that the art world was greatly missing out with our short-changed twitter version. I also wanted a special jar with words just for me to draw.  I wanted to whisper out a piece of sketching inspiration for a warm-up illustration before the day started.

I also know that if I was feeling this way, then there would be others too, in the shadows, who have been watching writers with their magical paper assistance and wishing they had something like that for their own industry. So I decided not to buy just one jar, but several. Knowing how creatives like their own unique items, I didn’t just take one pattern either and stick it on all the jars, but I browsed, I looked and I peered, creating a series of different items, objects, patterns, design, creatures and floral for each jar. I then sat down and made a series of prompts.

I looked at my theme for the next PIGment of my Imagination newsletter and saw that I had Autumn for the month of March and thought that would be a good place to start.

I am planning on releasing Sketch Prompts every month for you to download, print and enjoy. If you would like to purchase a jar, with a month’s worth of prompts already in, you can buy it here [inspired things] for R50, otherwise you can use your own container.

Download Autumn Sketch Prompts