Being Focused and New Products!

Last year I tried a lot of things. I launched products, checked out craft markets and tried to find my niche in the world of freelancing. I also did a yoga teacher training course that ended with me at a fire ceremony, with turmeric on my forehead, coughing from the smoke created by everyone throwing strange looking spices into a pot of fire (yes – you read right- a pot with a fire in it) surrounded by palm leaves, multiple fire-hazards and a circle of people chanting endless Sanskrit. This was supposed to be meditative and calming exercise. Maybe it was calming. I don’t know. It was a little hard to tell, as before this whole thing had began, I had various ‘yoga people’ complaining for about an hour on politics, traffic, global warming and the best place to get lye for their home-made laundry detergent.

Sometime between then and last month I felt like I needed to re-group. It was with this in mind that I had a strat-plan, wrote down my goals and plans for this year and refined everything. This year is going to be all about illustrating, being inspired and making creative products for my fellow illustrators, writers and general book-loving, sketch-happy people. I’ll be giving away my previous ad-hoc products to make away for the stream-lined, focused range that I hope you all support.

It was with this in mind that I created the Travel Sketch Case, which I have been using for the last month and will be selling online and at the craft markets. It is essentially a second-hand book cover (hard-cover) with the inside being converted to hold a journal/sketch pad, and two pockets – one long one for pens and brushes, and one short for erasers, paints and erasers. The journal is held in place with an elastic and the whole thing is created with fabric.
Currently I am offering two colour combos – either pink, or blue. I hope to expand in the future, but I thought this will be a good start for now.

This is a sketch that I drew using my Travel Sketch Case while at my Thursday Writing Group. I have been drawing at the group, as my keyboard for my Tablet broke and I have just received my new one in the mail. There was a little boy doing cart-wheels dangerously close to the bakery section and this was my sketch of a potential ending.