Self Publishing

Pink Camels and Floating GranniesI recently decided to self-publish my first book (very excited! You can see my first book here). I asked an editor friend of mine to assist me with my spelling errors and set about creating illustrations. I then started doing some research into my self-publishing options.

I have assisted a number of other self-published authors and having worked in publishing myself for 10 years, I had a good idea of what my options where. Since I already had the editing sorted, I could do my own illustrations, and typesetting a book is something I have done a million times, my only real need was to find a printing and distribution facility.

I found everything I needed, but on the the way I stumbled over self-publishing options and I was horrified.

I knew a lot of publishing houses were offering and suggesting places for self-publishers, but I had never read the fine print or looked at the cost. I discovered that almost all of them were (as far as I was concerned, knowing the rates of the industry) overcharging. Not to mention also charging for things they shouldn’t, for example ISBN’s. This is a free service the South African National Library offers. All you have to do is email them with a few details and then they email back, yet a lot of these packages were wanting to charge authors a few hundred rand for this.

Tonight! Local Illustrator Exposes Self-Publishing Packages!

Originally I was going to write a long post, exposing the whole lot of them. I was going to compare services, prices, reveal the truth and possible even get Third Degree and Carte Blanche involved (my imagination runs wild with possibilities!). However, after a cup of tea, I realised that perhaps this wasn’t wise. Ranting and raging on the internet very rarely ends well. The next best thing, of course, is to do something about it.

As most of you know, I illustrate. As most of you also know, I can also typeset a book, know a thing or two about online marketing and (I’d like to think) pretty on the ball with efficiency and getting things to done. I also often team up with author/editor Michelle Ainsle on a lot of things, as her editing skills, her own efficiency and her talent with marketing, copy and social media compliment my own skill set.

It wouldn’t, then surprise you, that Michelle and I have come together to create a solution for self-publishers.

We have sat down, done the numbers and worked out a few packages for self-publishers. Using direct rates (no middle man!) and realistic costs, we have created three packages, all of which are at least half (and that’s our top of the range!) if not a quarter less than most self-publishing packages out there. Plus, we will also assist with standard marketing kits, press releases¬† and all types of other goodies.

Since both Michelle and I are not only published with our own books, but also worked in the industry for a (combined) 25 years, we have tried to cover everything that we think a self-publisher will need to create their dream book into a reality. I also think that since Michelle and I both left our cubicles to pursue our passion of books, self-published authors can be rest assured that we will do our best and really look after their manuscripts.

It is with great pride that I reveal the menu bar at the top to include ‘Self-Publish.’

If you have a book, or know of a friend who has a book that they want to self-publish, then please share and get the word out there!