Merry Christmas and Happy Festive Season!

Free Christmas PresentBefore we all go on holiday, I thought I would just create a little eBook as a early Christmas Present to all you Merry folks!

This is a tale about a Bee who discovers that he only lives for 6 months and he thinks of all the things he could do. The book rhymes as it winds through the possibilities and is suitable for all ages (although I did use a few inside gaming terms for one of the pages – a Rax is when you destroy your opponents base and a ‘Leroy’ refers to a viral video where a guy, called Leroy Jenkins, ditched his teammates who were trying to strategies, ran straight into the enemy, causing his whole team to lose in the process and instead of apologising afterwards, he just said ‘at least I have my fried chicken.’ Hearthstone, an online card game, even has a card named after Leroy).

This eBook is a little gift from me to you, to wish you the very best this Festive Season and I hope you have an awesome Summer, if you are in South Africa. It has been an amazing year with all of you and I hope to continue this journey with everyone next year.

Special Thanks goes to the FaceBook guys who gave suggestions for book:
Jay-Jay Prinsloo, Russell Tiedt, Joanna Cooke, Helen Brain, Jess Beckerling, Tanya Da Silva Ferrira, Tallulah Loulah, Joy Richards, Tessa Cloete







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If you are staying in Cape Town this season, then come find me at a craft market. I’ll be selling my products from pillows to dolls!