2017 Yoga Illustrated Calenders

I am currently doing the last illustrations for my 8-Limbs of Yoga Calender, 2017. The calender is inspired by my own activities this year, where I launched into full time illustration work, as well as starting studying Integral Hatha Yoga, with the Yoga Academy, here in Cape Town.

The characters in the calender are animals, which has sort of become a bit of a trademark with me, as I have gotten a lot of animal books this year, including Penguin Palace by Helen Brain, Collective Nouns by Julia Richman and Three Detectives by Vi Le Roux, to name a few. I have sported my yoga-happy creatures in official asana’s (poses), from an apanasana pig, through to a giraffe in chakrasana. Each one is also presenting one of the 8-limbs of yoga, according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. These 8-limbs form the structural framework for yoga practice.

The calender is in the correct order of the 8 limbs, so you can work your way through them in 2017, with a month to really focus on each one. It is also a great Christmas gift for anyone that you know who is interested in doing yoga in 2017, or currently does yoga.

If you would like to pre-order a calender, please let me know. I should be printing them early in November.

Cost: R150 for 1, R250 for 2