Projects Old and New

Collective Nouns

Jules Richman, who you might remember wrote Katya Cat last year, has this time put together a wonderful tale of Sam who finds collective nouns everywhere on a safari. I have been having such fun painting Jule’s imagination of robbing mice and hugging hippos. Here is just a sneak peek of some of those landscapes. If you would like to pre-order the book, at R100 a book, you are welcome to drop me an email (mrsbeckerling <at> gmail <dot> com), with ‘Collective Nouns’ in the subject line.

Craft Market Treasures and Pre orders

All of my craft goodies are starting to pile up nicely on my storage shelf for the Thriving Sustainable Craft Market on the 29th of October. I’ll be posting the items I’ve made, that are available for pre-order on my facebook ‘Inspired Thingspage. If you haven’t liked the page yet, go quickly and like it now! You can then come and pick it up from me at the craft market or in Tokai. If you pick up from me at the craft market, I will offer a R35 discount for orders over R150, to cover your entrance fee to the market.

Migael Travels to the Moon

First time author, Rene Kruger, wrote a story about a little boy called Migael who would prefer travelling to the moon, instead of going to his first day of school. This story is written in beautiful Afrikaans prose and would be wonderful for boys aged from 3 to 6. I have completed the illustrations for this tale and Rene is currently getting the book typeset. Once the final stages are done, I’ll let you know where and how you can order this picture book.

2017 Calender

I am currently putting together illustrations for a 2017 calender. For the theme, I combined the two things that have been an underlying theme to my 2016 year – illustrating animals and yoga – specifically the 8 limbs of yoga. I’ll be finishing off the illustrations by the end of next week and start printing to sell on the 1st of November. If you would like to pre-order from me, then please drop me an email (mrsbeckerling <at> gmail <dot> com) with the subject “2017 Calender.” I will be selling them for R150 for one Calender and two for R250.

Thunda Crowd Funding

Self-publisher, Heather Davidson, has set up a crowdfunding campaign to get her book up and going. Her tale is of her son, James, who loved going to the Choo Choo park in Belvedere rd. You can read more about her book and campaign on her Thunda Funding site.