Paint and Sip Review

Paint and Sip

Last week I attended Paint and Sip – an event based in town, where you ‘uncork your creavitiy’ with a local artist, raise money for an NPO, and get a meal (including glass of wine) thrown in. Sounds amazing right?

In fact, it sounded very similar to my Creative Workshop, except for the wine part (and I serve cake, not supper and there is no charity). So I thought it would be a good idea to go and see what they were doing to maybe get inspired for my own workshops, maybe do something like this next year with my ‘creatives’ attendees. I am sure they wouldn’t complain if I replaced their tea with a glass of wine.

My blue-haired friend Tessa came with me to the event. She was a fantastic distraction for all that sat near us, so I could assess everything secretly. The artist that was to be starring at this month’s Paint and Sip was local artist Laura Wenman, who I must say was a delight. She was filled with humour, joy and I just loved her.

The venue on the other hand, I didn’t love so much. Before I tell you all about the good things, I think it best we get the ‘pink elephant’ out the room (why must the elephant always be white?) and tell you that the venue was actually terrible. You enter this weird space that is sort of a bar, but a craft market, with a hotel reception desk. Weird, right? Welcome to 91 Loop street.

There were no signs to indicate there was an event happening that night and it was all a bit awkward. Eventually we all sunk to the space we were supposed to be (and I say ‘sunk’ cos you have to go down stairs to this odd sunken area where another bar is and tables. It was like the ‘quarry’ of the venue). The organisers had sorted out the tools for the evening well. But the microphone was terrible, everyone’s voices bounced off the wall and all in all, it wasn’t great. I sat right by a door that they wanted to keep open, due to the turpentine we were using, which was slowly poisoning us all. Of course it was typical Cape Town, Loop street weather and there was a gale force wind outside that kept slamming the door shut.

painting-and-inspirationThen there was the food situation, where everyone left, including the artist and most of the organizers, as our table sat on its own waiting for something to eat. We waited for over an hour and when we did get it, it was nothing special. A burger was just that – a burger. There was nothing gourmet about it, it was cold, it was depressing.

Now that we got the low-lights out the way, let’s go back to that amazing local artist, Laura Wenman. Laura taught us how to use oil paints – a medium I had never used before. I have always shied from oil paints as it usually something that fine artists use and also people going for photo-realistic results. I immediately think of European artists with puffy hats, tights, and wispy moustaches. But Laura did a wonderful job of teaching us all how to use the medium, with our little pallet knifes and bottle of thinners.

We all drew our inspiration from napkins and painted butterflies on mini canvases. It was a lot of fun. I think I really warmed up to Laura as my canvas was one she held up for everyone to see. Nothing like being teachers pet! Of course I got scorned by some of the other girls at the table, but once I told them I kinda draw for a living, I was forgiven. Tessa then said something outrageous (she’s amazing) and I was once again ignored.

I would recommend Paint and Sip to anyone in the Cape Town area wanting to do something a little fun. Of course, I would suggest coming to my workshop first, but if Tokai is a little far, I guess you could go to Town. However, I do recommend you eat beforehand and if you are picking from their menu, the pizza looked better than the burger. Although the lady opposite me smothered hers in hot sauce, saying that it was blank. She then announced after a bite that even the hot sauce has bland too…

Paint and Sip

If you would like to see Laura’s work, you can check out her facebook page.

Otherwise, Paint and Sip is also on facebook (or come to mine!).