Writing Children’s Picture Books

A One day interactive course with children’s author, Alan Durant, on Monday – 12 September 2016 from 10am – 15.30pm

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Location: Sasnev (huis der Nederland), 4 Central Avenue, Pinelands, Cape Town.
Cost: R750 – includes a light lunch.
Bookings: alandurant58@gmail.com

Whether you want to write for you own children or relatives, or for publication, this one-day workshop class with award-winning UK author Alan Durant will reveal some of the key tehniques and considerations of writing picture books for young children. Fun, practical and informative, this class will provide plenty of opportunities for writing and is suitable for writers of all levels – and also illustrators keen to learn how to tell their stories through words.

The key elements of classic picture books
Knowing your audience – advice on how to write for children who can’t read, or4 are at the early stages of reading
How to write a book that will appeal to a young audience, and also excite the reader (often an adult)
Coming up with ideas – how to explore your own memories for stories, as well as the imagination of your child or relative
Classic themes, from fear of the dark to a desire for independence; from first experiences to imaginative play …
Style – expert advice on how to write a story that should be read aloud, plus tips on sentence str4ucture and word count
Pictures – guidance on how to write a story that will be illustrated
Practical writing activities and a chance to share your story with the group, with opportunity for feedback

Alan Durant
Alan is an award-winning author of over ninety books for children -0 from picture books to young adult novels. His titles include Bill Monster’s Daymare, winner of the Royal Mail Scottish Children’s Book Award, Burger Boy, Angus rides the goods Train , Always and Forever, Unfortunately and Dear Father Christmas. Alan is an experineced writing tutor who has run many workshops for children and adults.
Find out more on his website: www.alandurant.co.uk