Santa Shoe Box Pledge

To date the Santa Shoebox Project has distributed 551 979 shoeboxes throughout South Africa and Namibia.

Something a little off the topic of illustrating, drawing and getting creative – I thought I would dedicate a post to the Santa Shoe Box Project. I am a huge fan of this initiative and thought to let you know about it. It is a simple idea of everyone pledging to make a shoebox present for under-privileged kids all over South Africa. You can pledge to any one of the thousands of children on their website, and then go about packing together a box for them.

The box will need to contain certain items on the list (Suzelle shows us how in the video below), as well as other presents you can squeeze into the box. I was thinking it would be great to give them one of the books I have illustrated this year – a signed copy! If you are an illustrator, artist, or author you could do something similar!
I know that sometimes it feels like everyone is doing a Santa Shoe Box and that they don’t need your help, but it’s not true – it makes such a difference to that child to have their own box, specially from you.