Creative Workshop & Doodle Book

Interview Paddy

On the 28th of August I will be holding my Creative Workshop, where we will be playing with doodles, before getting lost in the world of clay.
In unrelated news, Marleen visser (AKA Paddy), has recently launched her doodle books for adults. She has so far created two of these amazing books with her publisher and is in the process of designing her third.

I will be stocking a few of these books at my next creative workshop, if anyone is interested in purchasing one. If you would like to preorder then please let me know to ensure that there is copy for you, else it is just a first come-first serve basis. The books will be selling for a golden bargain of R90 per book.

I will also run a competition at the workshop based around the doodling book, but more about that on the day.

Doodle BookInteresting Fact
Paddy is a fine artist originally, but also does a lot of illustration work for children books and the education market. I am very excited about her doodle books, as it was almost a year ago when I met Paddy and she showed me her drawing journal. I then said to her, “Hey Paddy, you know what your doodles look like? Those trendy colouring books for adults.” Paddy replied with “what’s an adult colouring book?” And so these books were born.

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