Illustration/Art info for Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Art Supplies in Southern Suburbs Cape Town

I thought it would be a good idea to put a post together for all of those in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa, about a few places of interest regarding Art and Illustrations. These are just a few places around where I live in Tokai, extending out to Constantia, Plumstead, and Steenberg. If you have any other places that you go to and can recommend, then drop me a comment. Note – details here were correct at time of posting.

For Art Supplies

Of course, we all know about Deckle Edge in Constantia, which is probably the best place to go for quality, but I thought I would mention a few other sneaky places that I wander to, for a bit of variety. Or when, quite frankly, I’m too lazy to change from my paint-covered apron to something more ‘Constantia appropriate’.

The Write Shopee
This is the closest for quick supplies for me (I live in Tokai) – although they don’t stock individual water-colours or gouche. They do have individual acrylics and oils though. Have a selection of paintbrushes (although limited), paper pads (a few of each, so first come first serve) and canvases. They have a bumble of other crafts as well, included fabric paints, glazes and an assortment of palettes.

Steenberg village, Reddam Ave
Contact number
(021) 701 0882

Mambo’s Plastics
I know – you are wondering why I am including a plastic warehouse shop in this group. If you are looking for top-of-the-range oil paints with that fine squirrel hair paint brush, then you can skip this one. I, on the hand, just need a cheap palette sometimes. Or board paper, or student acrylics. Sometimes you might just need a small Tupperware for storage purposes, or how about little plastic containers with squirty ink holes? Maybe a containers that normally house film, but instead can keep coarse salt for your next watercolour texture? You’ll be surprised what you can find at a warehouse sometimes… Another one to try is Plastics for Africa around the corner, but Mambo’s stock more paint/craft supplies.

Main Rd, Tokai (by Builder’s Warehouse)
Contact number
021 701 0566

Builders Warehouse
While you are in the neighbourhood, just around the corner, in the same warehouse center, is Builder Warehouse. Builder’s stock more art supplies than you would think. They don’t really have oil paints or watercolours (although I think they might have those beginner version boxes of them), but they do house canvases, acrylics (as well as fabric paint), craft paint, brushes, some paper (not the best) and stencils. Check in the aisle behind the spray-paints, near the paint shaker-makers (the guys that make the paint. I just call them the paint shaker-makers).

Main Rd & Bark St, Retreat, Cape Town, 7965
Contact number
021 763 1001

Kidz-A-Peal & PNA
When you are ever in doubt, or uncertain and are looking for something that you want to be guaranteed to find, then I suggest going to the Plumstead shopping center in Gabriel Rd, where the Pick’n Pay is. There are two shops to dig in, Kidz-A-Peal, which is a children’s toy shop combined with art supplies, and then the PNA next door. You can find everything from clay, through to pipe-cleaners. They are both stocked with pens, brushes, paper and art supplies. Kidz-A-Peal does tend to have more craft selection, than the PNA, but both are worth a visit. Also both of them you will have to dig for stuff. Kidz-A-Peal you have to go in, then wander to the left of the shop and there you will find the aisle of fun. The PNA you will find the aisle on the right. Take your time, look at the bottom shelves, and have fun. I recommend having at least an hour free before venturing, but once you know the stores, you can do a quick drop through.

Kidz-A-Peal & PNA
Shop 6, Pick ‘n Pay Ctr, Plumstead, Gabriel Rd, Cape Town, 7800
Contact number
021 762 8580 – Kidz-A-Peal
021 762 3433 – PNA

Useful Information

Penny Pinchers
Did you know that the Penny Pincher in Main Road, by the spotty dog cuts board to size? I am mentioning them rather than Builders Warehouse, as Builders (who I am a fan of usually, see Art Supplies) only cuts THEIR board to size. they won’t accept your wood if you bring it in, where as Penny Pincher’s does. Why am I bringing this up on this blog post? Because for about R40 you can get a large Masonite board, usually used by artists to stick their paper to, cut down to size. In fact you can get a whole lot of them cut to different sizes. They are amazing.

5 Honeywell Rd, Retreat, Cape Town, 7945

Scanning your Art

Once you have finished an illustration, with your fine water-colours and details, you’ll probably want to scan it in to the computer. I just recently got quotes and thought it would be nice for me to share these as well. I haven’t included here Revprint, Epic Copy, or Copywrite, as they only had feed scanners, not flat-bed (feed scanners involve your art going through rollers, through the machine – as oppose to flat bed, where the art is facing down).

021 794 1394
Constantia Village

Wizards can do flatbed for A3, not A2. They charge R10 a scan @ 600dpi

021 715 5681
Shopping center by Food Lovers Market, on Main rd

Also only A3, not A2. They charge R5 for the first copy and then R2 every scan after, at 600dpi. I generally only have nice things to PostNet, both the Tokai branch and the Claremont. To my mind, they are such an untapped resource for scanning, printing and boxes.

The Scan Shop
021 448 8593

These guys are in Woodstock, so a bit of traveling required. Their whole business is based on scanning, so they could do A3 and A2 on a flat scanenr. But they are going to charge you a lot more than the guys above as well, at  R265 for A2 and R180 for A3. Their sales guy, Russel, also asks a lot of questions about why you want the scanning and don’t you want to also use their printing services, which automatically makes me want to give them minus 10 points cos I hate it when people try to butter me up.  But I am just a difficult customer in that way, so you might not mind so much.  Personally I would just travel a little further to town and go to…

086 166 6767

These guys aren’t in the southern suburbs at all, but reside in Roeland street, Cape Town. They don’t have a scanner for A2, but Ellie, the lady I spoke to, was delightful enough to offer options and solutions in how she could do it for me anyway, by using the A3 scanner and stitching it together. She offered to do it at about R180 for A3 and R90 for A2, coming in cheaper than The Scan Shop.

Top Copy
021 671 8231

Top Copy is based in Claremont and for some reason, whenever I work with them, something always weird happens and today was no different. I generally avoid them as a result, but I hear such good things about Top Copy from others, that I go back and then, there it is again, something weird. Today I was informed that, yes, they could do 600 dpi, but they don’t recommend it as the file size is very large. Fair enough. But then he went on to say that because the resolution is so good at 600dpi, they can’t be held responsible for small cracks on their scanner coming through. Or dust. These were just some of the weird comments I got from them, that no other printing/scanning business ever mentioned. They couldn’t do the A2, only A3 and they charged R10 a scan.