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Last week, my Creative Box: Colour Mug, went live on Youtube. The object was to test out the potential of making videos and to expand into this medium a little bit. That’s not to say I won’t be writing here, on the blog, but it does mean that some topics can be a little more interactive. I thought I would write up here, a little bit on how I put together the video, in case there are any other creatives/illustrators out there who want to give it a shot.

What camera did I use to make the video?

My tablet. Yep, you read write, I didn’t buy a camera, I didn’t spend a small fortune on gadgets, I just used my tablet. To get it at the right height, I used a baby chair. I got this from a friend of mine while I was working at corporate. Her little one had grown out of it and she said ‘Hey Celeste, you’re going to have kids one day, don’t you want a baby chair?’ I still don’t have any kids, but it turns out there are other things that baby chairs are useful for – like balancing a tablet to make a video.

The Planning

I find it best to make a table in a Word document. On the left hand column I write my script. On the right, what the camera does and what props I need. Each row is a ‘scene.’ You must write the script like you would talk. So many times I see people do bullet points. Nobody talks in bullet points. Or they write ‘he/she.’ You don’t say that. You would say ‘he or she.’ Then only once. You would say it five times in one paragraph if you were speaking. Best suggestion is once you have written your script, read it out loud. Then ask yourself ‘am I talking sense?’

The Editing

I use Sony Movie Maker, but that’s because I run on Windows. Apparently Apple’s free software – iMovie – also works really well. There are some free editing software apparently available, but I haven’t used any so can’t recommend any, but if you have used it and you don’t work for that company, feel free to drop a comment below with the name.

Brownie Licking my face
A still-shot of Brownie demonstrating her slobbering habits with my face from the video

The Music

I discovered (to my absolute delight!) that YouTube does offer free sound effects and background music. Once you have an account with them, you can go to your ‘video dashboard’ and navigate from there to a selection of awesome music. I am going to have some real fun with this…

The Acting

My acting, I think was average, but I am sure with a few more video’s I’ll get there. Brownie on the other hand… well, I don’t want to bad-mouth my fellow co-actors but lets just say we had to do several takes thanks to her adorable, but overwhelming urges to lick my face. As much as I am sure you all think that’s cute – the last thing I am sure you want to see is five minutes of my face being slobbered on… Just outside of camera was a facecloth for the numerous times I had to wipe my face down. I would just be talking and then she’ll get bored, look at me and go ‘Oh look, Celeste. I think I’ll clean her face for her while she walks to that weird square thing balancing on a baby chair.’ I think she really enjoyed the attention though.

What’s next?

I am busy toying around with a Craft Calamity video where I bust some Pinterest and maybe YouTube myths. The first one is the Sharpie Mug. There are a lot of suggestions on how to fix the ‘Sharpie Mug Fail,’ so I am just waiting for the last recommended suggestion pen to come in the mail (should be Friday) and do some testing with it. *Spoiler Alert* So far, with all the other testing, it looks like this is going to be a Calamity. I’ll let you know how it all goes next week!


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