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As a birthday present, my brother has bought me a subscription to Deckle Edge’s monthly Art box. As we only ordered early in Feb, I assumed I would have to wait and get my first box for March. I was pleasantly (actually that word is too mild, I was over-excited) surprised when the Feb box arrived. I ripped it open, tore the pretty blue tissue paper, with the ‘creative’ sticker and flung the quality parcel straw all over the room.

There was a useful explanation for all the items, stuck on the inside of the lid, which was good, as I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at. All I did know was the brush was pretty. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s go through the items:

Deckle Edge Box
Deckle Edge Box

Schmincke Aero Color Finest Acrylic Ink

I was treated to the Cyan colour for this play-time. According to my helpful paper from Deckle Edge, I was informed that the Aero Color Professional Acrylic Ink was initially developed for airbrushing, but also works for dip pens, technical pens and a brush. I was to discover all these things. The actually eyedropper and product packaging for this ink was really high quality and I couldn’t help but feeling a little scientific as I used the eyedropper to place ink into the next item. I mean, sure, I wasn’t wearing a white lab coat, but a stained, paint-fill, clay streaked, garden dusted apron that I have discovered ever since working from home, that I can’t go without.

Aero Color Professional Liner

I love this pen. I eye-dropped two thirds of the cyan ink in it (as recommended by Deckle Edge) and I just went crazy all over the Daler Rownery Smooth Heavyweight Cartridge Pad (that was also in the box). I found that pressure was everything and if you were rough it ‘spritzed’ a little, like those professional artist signatures you see.


Golden Fluid Acrylic

My colour was Micaceous Iron Oxide, which I just smeared with my finger, in a primitive manner, at first. The colour is a little more thick and gloppy than the ink and I could see myself using this to enhance sections or highlights. It also sparkled which really appealed to my inner mocking bird.

Floline Squeeze Bottle

After the glass eyedropper, the liner pen, the gorgeous Daler Rowney paper and the Golden Fluid, I have to admit that the Floline Squeeze Bottle did look a little out of place and something that I might have picked up at Plastics for Africa, but I had so much fun with these bottles. My Deckle Edge helper told me to dilute the Golden Fluid and I think I went a little overboard, as I got bubbles blowing out of the little nip, but otherwise these worked great. So simple, and yet so effective in creating a really neat effect.

Box Contents
Box Contents

Black Silver by Dynasty Series 4935 Dagger Brush

I need to be honest here. I’m a little rough when it comes to art. Originally I did start out with water-colours for my portfolio, but switched to Digital as I found it easier, as well as less fights with the scanner/printer (we almost had to have a divorce, but since I switched, our relationship has been much better). When I do art now it is to paint and give texture to my Beastie Pots.

Pretty, delicate, smooth, brushes as a result, are just not in my budget. I buy them cheap and I put them to work. If they split and go crazy, that’s ok as then they make great textures. You can imagine how gentle I held the Dynasty brush. I felt like some rabbit sacrificed its tail in the making of it (no rabbits where harmed, I assure you).

I filled her on up with the cyan ink and we went to town. What a beautiful brush. She is smooth and she just longed for me to make lengthy strokes with her. She was great.


I can’t wait for next month and I really recommend this box. Even if you only decide to spoil yourself for three months, it’s worth it. You will end up with a wonderful range of art tools that you didn’t have before and learn something new about this exciting craft. I’ve decided to use my little box as my ‘Quick Art a Day’ basics (I’ll post them up on Twitter) for the month of Feb, and then use whatever is in my next box for March.

Deckle Edge also has basic range (this was the Premium box) for those who are just starting out, as well as kids range. For friends, you can send them a once off DIY box, which I though was pretty cool.

Illama Ink Blot
Illama Ink Blot