Jody Steel talks about Art

Jody Steel Interview

Jody Steel is an visual artist that has taking the online world by storm. What started out as simple thigh-illustrations have now turned into thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Her latest works can be seen through time-lapsed videos on YouTube.

Illustration by Jody Steel
Illustration by Jody Steel

Celeste: First off, I saw one of your time-lapsed videos of you drawing on your thigh on a social-media platform and within ten seconds of googling you I’ve come across articles from Huffington Post and the Daily Mail among others, as well as reading that you have something like half a million followers and that it all started only a few years ago. How crazy has your life been and when did you realise how big this all was?

Jody: Well, I got most of the media coverage before I even had social media. And by the time I realized I should really have it, it was a little too late. I gained 11,000 followers on facebook, but that was it. Then I started to film the drawings I do, and two years later, things took off again. I now have 1,100,000 followers on facebook, 76,000 on instagram, and 54,000 on Youtube. It’s been pretty crazy, to say the least. It definitely has taken over my day to day life. I film a new video every other day or so, and post to instagram once or more a day. The hard part is keeping the posts engaging and the artwork high quality.

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Interview with Andra, the owner of Cuteoshenii

Andra Cuteoshenii

Cuteoshenii, created by illustrator Andra Badea, are characters for the home, in the form of creatures painted on furniture and accessories.

CutosheniiCeleste: First of all, how did you end up painting your characters on furniture?
Andra: As most things in my life it was not a planned move, but a happy circumstance. I was invited by IKEA Romania to paint two dressers, in order for them to be given away as part of a store promotion. That was the first time i had to think about creating something specifically for a furniture piece and i discovered i loved the medium and the possibilities.
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Interview with the Book Dash Team

Book Dash Interview

Book Dash is an organisation that is committed to getting storytellers, illustrators and creative professionals together in one space, on one day, to create copyright-free books for South African children.

These books are then printed and donated freely to ECD centres, literary organizations , homes and libraries across the country. I had the privilege of interviewing the team this week.
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