10 Twitter Handles for Illustrators to Follow

Twitter can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially if you are new to the social media. Or you might be on twitter already, but find it useless because your feed is boring. Here are some illustration-related twitter handles that every illustrator should be following.

Illustration Challenges

Here are some twitter handles that have illustration challenges that could help you with your creativity. If you ever feel like you have ‘illustration block’ or need a little sketch warm-up, have a look at these guys:

Sketch Dailies
Sketch Dailies

Sketch Dailies

Daily sketch challenges from movie characters, to fiction. Illustrations with an unusual twist or are just plain good get re-tweeted and featured. Follow the handle and use the hashtag #Sketch_Dailies

Illustration Friday

This is a weekly challenge where a topic gets tweeted once a week and you have to submit your illustration via their website. Top illustrations get featured on twitter and on their site.

Pinch Punch Post

A monthly illustration challenge where you have to post a character. Just follow the handle and remember to use the hashtag #pinchpunchpost

Chris Oatley
Chris Oatley

Useful Tweeters

Giuseppe Castellano

Giuseppe is the senior art director at Penguin Random House. He posts useful tweets around portfolios and illustrating for publishing houses.

Chris Oatley

Disney Character Designer that answers your questions about Concept Art and Illustration.

Red Lemon Club

Posts interesting creative posts and entrepreneur stuff.

Interesting Illustrators to follow

Russ Cox
Russ Cox

Russ Cox

One of the illustrators that heads up the talk on Thursday night (look out for the hashtag #kitlitart). Posts his own illustrations which are really inspirational and make you realise you need to post more of your own stuff.

Will Terry

An illustrator mostly known for his honest YouTube videos, Will is always good to follow for tips on the illustration industry.

Renee Kurilla

Renee has a unique colour style of illustration and posts her works often. She is a delightful poster, who will always bring a smile to your face


Celeste BeckerlingMrs Beckerling

If you don’t follow me already, you really should follow me. I post my blog articles up, as well as illustrations and retweet interesting things relating to illustration that I find on the web.


Are there any twitter illustrators you like to follow?